Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is a family-owned hearing aid manufacturer with an uncompromising approach to innovation. With a wide range of hearing solutions that allow their wearers to connect and communicate easily, Widex has a solution for every lifestyle. We are proud to carry Widex hearing aids here at House of Hearing in Escondido, CA.

About Widex Beyond Hearing Aids

The Beyond hearing aid gives people exceptional direct connectivity and leading-edge sound, and is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. It comes with a customizable app that allows full streaming functionality and control over their listening environment. You can adjust sound settings and listening programs to suit wearers’ preferences. The hearing aid performs in the most challenging listening environments, including restaurants and parties.

Easy Adjustments with the BEYOND App

• Adjust volume on two hearing aids individually

• Choose between clarity of speech and comfort

• Select directionality of microphones

Personalized BEYOND App is Intuitive to Use

• Create programs with your own name and picture

• Access help in connecting and troubleshooting

• Locate your hearing aids if lost

Try Our Free 45 Day Hearing Aid Trial

We include a 45 day trial period and 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our devices. Successful adjustment to life with hearing aids is two-fold. First you need an accurate hearing test. Second, you need an audiologist you can trust. My services include weekly visits once the devices are fit. These follow-up appointments ensure the proper amount of fine tuning to guarantee the perfect fit.

Learn more about Widex’s products by visiting their website.