Audiology Services in Escondido, CA

The House of Hearing is a full-service Audiological Office based in Escondido, CA. Dr. Houston and her staff provide services based upon each individual’s needs and concerns. Our hearing evaluations are comfortable, and our hearing aid fitting protocol uses the latest technology — Real-Ear Measures — available in the industry. Each person and each hearing loss is unique and deserves special considerations. Dr. Margie is committed to your special care.

Proudly Serving Patients Since 1992

House of Hearing is your trusted audiologist in Escondido, CA. We are proud to provide audiology services to Escondido, Temecula, Fallbrook, Valley Center, San Marcos, Rancho Bernardo and the surrounding areas.

Services we offer include, but are not limited to:

Diagnostic Audiological Hearing Evaluations

This is not just a test to see if you could use a hearing aid. This test can only be performed by a licensed audiologist. The test diagnoses the type and degree of hearing loss. It is the most important part of a hearing aid fitting. Without a good test the hearing aid will not be fit correctly. The test must be performed in a soundproof room to be valid. With my years of experience, my practice is your best choice for a proper hearing test.

Hyperacusis Evaluation and Treatment

Excessive sensitivity to sound can make living life miserable. I can evaluate the condition and set up an individualized treatment plan for those who suffer from hyperacusis.

Tinnitus Evaluation and Treatment

Many people suffer from tinnitus or head noise. Weather your head noise is debilitating, or if you just want information about tinnitus, we can help. We provide comprehensive evaluation and individualized treatment plans for those suffering from tinnitus. I am the only Audiologist in North County to offer the 90 day LEVO therapy for tinnitus sufferers. Click here to learn more about LEVO Therapy.


Otoscopy is the visual inspection of the ear canal. I use both traditional otoscopes and video otoscopes. The video otoscope is great because it lets the patient see down inside his ear canal. If the canal is blocked by earwax it can be easily seen and removed and then the clear ear canal and ear drum can be verified.

Cerumen (Ear Wax) Removal

Verifying the presence of the wax with the video otoscope is only the beginning. Removing the wax in the office right away is important for a proper hearing test and subsequent hearing aid fitting.


This evaluation measures the ability of the middle ear to transmit sound from the ear canal to the inner ear. Tympanometry is important because transmission problems in the middle ear cause a type of hearing loss that can often be corrected by a medical doctor. If the loss is not properly diagnosed the hearing aid may be recommended for an ear that could be treated and cured medically.

Hearing Aid Evaluation/Technology Demonstration

Choosing a hearing aid is a complex task. One of the best ways to get a feel for a hearing aid is to listen to it right there in the office. Features can be described but experiencing the sound is great for helping a patient decide which hearing aid to try. If the patient is reluctant to try hearing aids, a demonstration of the technology can convince him of how wonderful life can be with the proper sound replacement.

Hearing Aid Selection And Fitting

One of my favorite jobs is helping a patient select the proper hearing aids. I work with very good manufacturers who have designed incredible technology. These hearing aids are not your dad’s hearing aids. These instruments are sleek, discreet and invisible. The sound quality is natural and clear. Noise reduction technology allows you to have a conversation in a noisy place without stress. My goal is for you to forget that you’re wearing anything.

Real Ear Measures

Verifying the proper hearing aid fit is what REM is all about. A tiny microphone is placed in the ear canal and sound is presented and measured with and without the hearing aids on. REM are a live, real-time look at the sound inside the ear canal. As the instruments are adjusted on the computer the changes in sound in the ear canal are verified. REM is also used to see if a patient’s current hearing aids are working well and are effective. Old and new hearing aids can be compared as well.

Lyric Hearing Aid Fittings

The Lyric is a “long term wear” hearing technology. The Lyric is placed deep inside the ear canal. It is completely invisible from the outside. The instrument stays in your ear for 2 to 3 months at a time. The Lyric provides very natural sound and is very convenient because you can exercise, shower and sleep without removing the device. Choosing Margie Houston to do your Lyric fitting is optimal because of her gentle, steady hand for exact placement. With Lyric you need Dr. Margie.


Today’s hearing aids don’t all use ear molds. An earmold is the piece that sits in the opening of the ear, directing sound into the ear canal or, depending upon the technology, holding the speaker portion of the aid in the ear canal. The impression-taking technique is important to guarantee a good earmold fit. For 25 years, I have been “making a good impression” of my patient’s ears.

Hearing Aid Cleaning

Hearing aids should be cleaned professionally every three to six months. Professional cleaning includes taking the instrument apart and vacuuming out microphones and speakers. Changing tubes, replacing filters and running sound checks are all important parts of the process.

Sound Plugs/Hearing Protection

There are a variety of custom-fit sound plugs available. Musicians, dentists, construction workers, each profession needs a different type of sound plug. Custom-fit ear pieces are also available for iPods, bluetooth devices and radios. Get the correct advice; call the House of Hearing at 760-746-3474 today!

Ear Impressions

Proper hearing protection requires a certain type of ear impression. If all you need is to have the impression taken, you’re welcome at the House of Hearing. I will take the impression with silicone material, using the tall block, past the 2nd bend, as required by the industry. We can mail in the impression for you or you can take it with you.

Cochlear Implant Selection and Support

Dr. Houston is available to determine if a cochlear implant (or BAHA Implant) is the correct solution for your hearing loss. Working with Dr. Kari at UCSD, Dr. Houston can answer your implant questions, evaluate your candidacy and refer you to Dr. Kari for her surgical opinion. Everyone deserves to hear the very best he can. Come in and let Dr. Houston help you find your best hearing solution. Click here to learn more about Cochlear Implants.