Oticon Hearing Aids

You can count on House of Hearing for the latest hearing aid technology. For over 25 years, our practice in Escondido, CA has been a trusted name for hearing services. We are proud to carry the newest product from Oticon, which is sure to improve your listening experience. Available in a variety of sizes, & uses your personal listening preferences to provide you with improved hearing in all listening environments.

About the Oticon Opn

Oticon Opn – Guided by Oticon’s BrainHearing audiological approach, Oticon Opn is engineered to better support how the brain processes sound. Oticon Opn allows the brain to follow and process multiple sound sources in noisy environments. As a result, listeners can confidently engage with the world around them. Rechargeable Oticon Opn is now available in multiple colors.

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Try Our Free 45 Day Hearing Aid Trial

All of our devices include a 45 day trial period and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The key to success with hearing aids is two-fold; first you need an accurate hearing test, second, you need an audiologist you can trust. My services include weekly visits once the devices are fit. These follow-up appointments ensure the proper amount of fine tuning to guarantee the perfect fit.