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Thank you for taking a moment to learn about hearing aids. I am a doctor of audiology and it is my pleasure to assist you in selecting the right hearing aid for you. With so many choices out there, it is easy to become overwhelmed with information. Let me tell you that the success of your hearing aid fitting depends on two things, the quality of the technology inside the aid and the programmer of the device, or the audiologist. I have over 25 years of experience selecting and fitting hearing aids. As your audiologist my job begins with sitting down with you to determine your degree of hearing loss and your individual needs. Our first appointment together will take at least an hour. Working together we will select devices for you to try. Hearing aids have a trial period. You have 45 days to evaluate them at home and around your world. After your initial fitting, I want to see you once a week for fine tuning and adjusting. I will assist you with all aspects of your hearing aid fitting including cell phone connectivity, downloading applications and wireless TV connections. Once you are comfortably fit, I want to see you every three to six months for in-office cleaning of your aids. Once a year a new hearing test and adjustments are also recommended. My goal is to get you hearing the very best you can in all your listening situations. Call me right now at (760) 7460-3474 and let’s start your better hearing journey together.

Dr. Margie

It our job to assist you in finding the best technology for your hearing loss, at a price you can afford.

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Do you have questions related to hearing loss?

• How can I tell if I truly have a hearing loss?

• When is the right time to purchase hearing aid technology?

• How much should I spend on hearing aid technology, if recommended?

• What is the right type of hearing aid for me?

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Try Our Free 45 Day Hearing Aid Trial

To ensure your satisfaction, all of our devices include a 45 day trial period. Our team believes the key to success with hearing aids is two-fold: first you need an accurate hearing test, second you need an audiologist you can trust. Dr. Margie Houston’s services include weekly visits once the devices are fit. These follow-up appointments ensure the proper amount of fine tuning to guarantee the perfect fit.