Hearing Aid Questions And Answers

House of Hearing provides a range of audiological services to patients in Escondido, CA and surrounding areas. For over 25 years, Dr. Margie Houston and her staff have been trusted names for expert recommendations for hearing aids, hearing evaluations, and long-term hearing care. We are committed to helping you improve and maintain your quality of life through personalized hearing services and products.

Who do I call for an appointment?

Call us at 760-746-3474 to make an appointment to see Margie Houston AuD, Doctor of Audiology for all of your hearing service needs!

What areas do you serve?

House of Hearing is your trusted audiologist in Escondido, CA. We are proud to provide audiology services to patients from Escondido, Temecula, Fallbrook, Ramon, Rancho Bernardo, Valley Center, San Marcos and the surrounding areas.

What are digital hearing aids?

A digital hearing aid is a computer. It is set to provide you with the proper amplification for your individual hearing. If your hearing changes, digital aids can be re-programmed and, because it is digital, the hearing aid produces a very clean reproduction of sound – no distortion. The technology allows the hearing aid to measure the incoming sounds and adjust very quickly. Millions of adjustments are made each second. These adjustments give you, the wearer, the best chance possible to hear in all listening environments.

How do digital hearing aids compare to regular hearing aids?

Traditional hearing aids are made with circuit boards that can only approximate the amplification needed to match your hearing loss. These aids are not capable of making the continual adjustments made by digital hearing aids and cannot provide the same hearing comfort. For these reasons, traditional hearing aid technology has, for the most part, been discontinued.

Do hearing aids cut out background noise?

No hearing aid can make background noises disappear. The goal of advanced technology is to reduce what you do not want to hear and raise what you do, giving you the best chance possible to communicate. Today, Premium Digital hearing aids are equipped with microprocessors that can distinguish between speech signals and noise signals. Add this to a directional microphone system and you are well on your way to enjoying your friends and surroundings again.

What if I don’t like my hearing aid?

Hearing aids are very personal products. Before you agree to buy hearing aids, you must be committed to making them work. The House of Hearing provides a 45 day trial period. During the trial period you must return to the office for at least two follow-up visits. These visits allow me to fine-tune your instruments. If you are not able to adjust to your instruments for any reason, they may be returned for a 100% refund.