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Hearing can be troublesome. You may have noticed yourself or a loved one participating less in the conversation, nodding his head and smiling – maybe agreeing to who knows what. It does not have to be that way. Take my hand and let me guide you and your loved one through the process of better hearing.

I’m Margie Houston, your hometown Audiologist, and for 27 years I’ve cared for folks just like you. Come to my house, relax and find rest from the stress of hearing loss.

“As your audiologist, my goal is to provide you with products and services of the highest quality, in a personal and caring manner.”
Margie Houston, AuD., Doctor of Audiology

Dr., Escondido, CA

Your Road to Successful Hearing

Your road to successful hearing begins with a diagnostic hearing evaluation. Not all hearing tests are created equal. Hearing test, “for the purpose of fitting a hearing aid” are sales tools for non-professional. At the house of hearing, Dr. Margie is a clinical audiologist who is trained in diagnosing your hearing loss. This is important because you may not need a hearing aid. If you need a referral to a medical doctor, Dr. Margie will know, and she will explain the importance of that visit.

Following your hearing test, you will sit down with Dr. Margie and she will explain your type and degree of hearing loss. Assuming you need hearing aids, Dr. Margie will explain the different style of aids, the different technology levels and the different price points.

A demonstration of hearing aids might be the next step.

If custom earpieces are warranted, Dr. Margie will take a 3D scan of your ear. The scan is not invasive and only takes a few minutes. This scan insures the proper fit of your devices.

When you decide to try hearing aids with Dr. Margie you have a 45-day trial period. This trial begins the day the devices are fit. If for any reason you decide the hearing aids are not right for you there are no fees to return them.

During your trial period, Dr. Margie will want to see you once a week to fine tune and adjust your devices. It takes time to get used to hearing the sounds you have been missing. The human brain is elastic, and we will be re-programming it with your new hearing aids.

Once you have settled into your new hearing world Dr. Margie recommends you bring in your aids for a quarterly 7-point maintenance check. Hearing aids are delicate devices. The microphones and speakers can get clogged and your sound may diminish. Regular care keeps hearing aids sounding good and it helps them to last a long time.

An annual hearing test and sound adjustments is also recommended. Unfortunately hearing changes and the best way to stay on top of it is to check it. It is our pleasure to guide you on your road to successful hearing.

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Dr., Escondido, CA

Expert Advice

The human ear is an amazing, intricate, multi functioning organism. There are several problems that can occur when the ear does not function correctly. Hearing loss is just one of the problems. Other problems include Tinnitus, Dizziness and Vertigo. There are different solutions for each problem. Hearing aids and cochlear implants are solutions for different degrees of hearing loss. Invisible hearing aids, rechargeable hearing aids, hearing aids with batteries and Bluetooth wireless aids are all available.

Dr. Margie provides diagnostic hearing tests for hearing aid users, if you need a hearing test for your M.D. or for a job application.

Dr. Margie is available to help you even if you bought your hearing aid somewhere else. She is happy to help our Veterans who got aids from the VA. We work with Insurance Carriers and with Worker’s Compensation.

3D scanning and ear impressions are available for ordering hearing protection and musician’s earpieces.

Dr. Margie even supervises our Mobile Unit. Sometimes you can’t get a ride or leave your home. Jeff Gallagher, our Hearing Instruments Dispenser, will come to you. Jeff can clean and check your hearing aids as well as adjust your hearing aids with his computer. He is also an expert at setting up assistive devices and Bluetooth connectivity.

Click here if you would like Dr. Margie to contact you and give you more details.


Dr., Escondido, CA

Maximize Your Hearing Aid Insurance Benefit

Hearing Aid Insurance Benefits vary. Currently, Medicare does not cover the cost of hearing aids. If you have Medicare, it will be your supplement that will have the benefit. It is difficult to know what questions to ask your carrier. We can do it for you. Click here to leave your basic details and the office will contact you OR you can stop by the office with your cards (445 S. Escondido Blvd) or call the office with your insurance numbers: 760-746-3474. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your coverage.


“I’m always greeted with a smile and have had minor repairs made at no cost. I would highly recommend House of Hearing!”

• Ryan B.

“The staff at House of Hearing made wearing hearing aids enjoyable. I am so happy with my new level of hearing.”

• Bonnie M.

“Margie saved my life, literally! I was cleaning a tool in the back of my truck when I heard, “Shh shh shh.” I looked off to my my right and there he was, a rattle snake, all coiled up and ready to strike. If it weren’t for my Oticon hearing aids I never would have heard it and I’m sure I would have gotten bit. Margie listened to my needs. She was patient and thoughtful. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

• Mr. Ayala

“Dr. Houston and her team cleaned the wax out of my ears and tested my hearing at a very reasonable cost. Everyone in the office is nice and they know what they’re doing.”

• Scott T.

“My new Phonak Solana canal hearing aid is so close to normal hearing on TV. I am so happy.”

• E.M. of Escondido

“The House of Hearing was recommended to me. I brought my whole family from Riverside to have their hearing checked. The facility was great, the equipment used was state of the art and the audiologist and her staff were wonderful. It was well worth the drive. I highly recommend the House of Hearing.”

• Vivian L.

“House of Hearing: My profound thanks and gratitude to each of you (Margie & Rosemary). I was ‘out’ of my last #312, and low on cash, without my checkbook. You allowed me to buy my needed batteries, and send in a check. May God’s blessings be continually a reality for each of you.”

• Merry

“I was just an ordinary patient of ordinary means, but you and your team took care of me as if I was the most important person on earth. Thanks “DOC” and your staff…you guys are just simply amazing!!”

• Ronito C.

“Margie, the Phonak Solana CIC is amazing. It is by far the most natural sounding device I’ve ever worn. I appreciate you working with me until we were able to find the perfect device match for my needs. As you know, I give lectures and it is so great to know that I am going to hear the questions from the back row.”

• Randy S.

“I was very impressed with the technical product knowledge of the staff. They helped me select something that best fit my specific needs.”

• Carrie J.

“Thank you so much for mom’s new hearing aid. She can hear great, even on the phone. No more crazy whistle. We are all very happy!”

• Josephina Angulo’s daughter

“The staff was very friendly and helpful! They answered all our questions, and helped us learn how to use our hearing aids! Made three visits, and all were helpful and productive!! Great experience!”

• Jim H.

“Thanks for all your many kindnesses – you are a beautiful person and I have made a new friend in you and Rosemary as well.”

• Dody Fertig

“I have brought my father here for a few years. They do wonderful work. They made sure everything is custom fit and and comfortable.”

• Greta M.

“Thank you for cleaning and adjusting my hearing aid. The whistling is gone and there is no discernible degradation in my hearing.”

• John Gilman