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Ultimate Ears

In-Ear Monitors & Products

House of Hearing is proud to be an authorized dealer of Ultimate Ears products and services. Ultimate Ears, a division of Ultimate Hearing, is committed to improving your quality of life by changing the way you hear. Ultimate Ears designs custom fit, in-ear monitors (IEMs) for all things music, whether it be in the studio or on stage. There are also a variety of products for audiophiles and for those needing hearing protection.

All you need is a certified impression by the ear experts at The House of Hearing (760-746-3474).

Handcrafted in the United States, Ultimate Ears are custom made to fit comfortably in your ears. These devices can take your musical performances to new levels, ultimately transforming how music is played.

Our team understands that there isn’t one ideal sound for everyone – each person is seeking a specific sound. Ultimate Ears offers a wide range of solutions so you can choose your ideal, custom in-ear monitor for your unique situation.

For more information about Ultimate Ears’ hearing products, or to begin designing your own personal IEM system, contact House of Hearing in Escondido, CA today at (760) 746-3474. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you have about these life-changing monitors and schedule you for your custom impressions.