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Hearing Alerts

Johns Hopkins University Alert

Hearing loss increases risk for falls. Researchers tested the hearing of 2,017 adults (40 to 65 years) and asked them about recent falls.

Findings: Those with even mild hearing loss were three times more likely to have fallen within the previous year than those with normal hearing. Each 10 decibel loss of hearing raised risk of falling 1.4-fold.

Theory: Hearing loss may overwork the brain, leaving fewer resources to maintain gait and balance.

Frank R. Lin MD, Phd, assistant professor of otolaryngology and epidemiology.

Excerpt taken from Volume 26 number 5 of Bottom Line Health

Dementia and Hearing Loss

Dementia is the loss of intellectual capacity due to the loss of, or damage to, the brain’s neurons. Dementia affects millions of people and their families. A recent study out of John’s Hopkins University found people with hearing loss to be twice as likely to suffer from dementia. Additionally, people with severe hearing loss, were five times more likely to develop the condition. Dr. Lin MD PhD, assistant professor of otolaryngology and epidemiology suggests that the strain of decoding sounds over the years may overwhelm the brain of a person with hearing loss leaving them more vulnerable to dementia. Additionally, hearing loss isolates people from the world, which is a known risk factor for dementia and other cognitive disorders. “A lot of people ignore hearing loss because it is such a slow and insidious process as we age,” says Lin. “Even if people feel as if they are not affected, we’re showing that it may well be a more serious problem.”

What You Need to Know Concerning Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid batteries are made of zinc. There are tiny holes on the positive side of the battery that allow oxygen in when the colored tab is removed. Manufacturer’s are now saying that it is best to remove the tab and let the battery sit on the counter for a full two minutes before inserting it into your hearing aid. This time allows the battery to absorb enough oxygen to reach its full potential. The battery will last longer too. Make sure that the battery does not touch metal during the two minute wait time.

CNN Reports: “Can Apple make hearing aids more cool?”


  • Apple and Danish company ReSound have teamed up on a new hearing aid
  • The technology pairs with the latest iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Wearers can stream stereo audio from their mobile devices directly to their ears
  • Doctors and manufacturers hope Apple’s integration will do away with hearing aid stigmas

Check out the full story here.

Sound Plugs Made for Your Specific Needs

Sound plugs come in many specialty styles. We make plugs for hunters, motorcycle riders, and dentists as well as people who need to sleep with a spouse who snores. Our plugs are made by taking a silicone impression of your ear canals. The fit is guaranteed and your comfort is our primary goal. Don’t let loud noise damage your hearing. Call us today to schedule your fitting for custom ear plugs.